A Call for Better Recognizing Trauma

Traumatic events can be caused by a singular occasion, or a form of ongoing, relentless stresses. An event is more prone to leave an individual with longer-lasting emotional and psychological trauma if: The individual was unprepared for the eventThe event occurred out of the blueThe person felt powerless to prevent the event or felt powerless … Continue reading A Call for Better Recognizing Trauma

Growth Mindset…It’s Exhausting

Growth mindset. It's something I frequently talk about with my clients and implement in my personal life. Rather than seeing everything as win or lose, I approach everything in my life as a growth opportunity. We can grow from wins, but we can also grow from losses. In a nutshell, growth mindset includes seeing failures … Continue reading Growth Mindset…It’s Exhausting

Confessions of a Mental Health Counselor

Counselor's are expected to handle a wide variety of situations. This can include various forms of counseling such as family, couple, and individual counseling as well as the never ending list of issues that counselors face with their client's every day. This can range from trauma counseling, to suicidal counseling, to crisis intervention, to even … Continue reading Confessions of a Mental Health Counselor

Regression…and Resurrection

2018. It's been a year for the books. I achieved some huge goals. But...I also regressed in progress. It's funny. Being a counselor, you're all the sudden viewed as having your life together. Being perfect. Knowing the right answers for everything. Smarter than the rest. Granted, we do have more knowledge in certain areas than … Continue reading Regression…and Resurrection