Mental Illness Stigma

Mental health/Mental illness continuum Mental illness stigma. It's something we hear quite often. It's shared on social media. It's the topic of monthly mental health themes. It's frequently blogged about, discussed, and shared. Most of us have seen that green ribbon representing mental health. So, why is stigma still a thing? That's a good question. … Continue reading Mental Illness Stigma

Growth Mindset…It’s Exhausting

Growth mindset. It's something I frequently talk about with my clients and implement in my personal life. Rather than seeing everything as win or lose, I approach everything in my life as a growth opportunity. We can grow from wins, but we can also grow from losses. In a nutshell, growth mindset includes seeing failures … Continue reading Growth Mindset…It’s Exhausting

Normal Anxiety vs. Anxiety Disorders: Part 2

Disclaimer: this information is not intended for diagnostic purposes. This is intended for educational purposes only. Consult a physician or mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment In my last blog post, I talked about the difference between fear and anxiety, as well as coping skills for both. Since anxiety is such a huge topic … Continue reading Normal Anxiety vs. Anxiety Disorders: Part 2

Chronic Mental Illness: Accepting What Is and Committing to What Can Be

Disclosure: I have not mentioned any identifying information of past or current clients. A few of the main issues I typically see as a university counselor are depression and anxiety. This is what some refer to as "the common cold" of mental health in general and specifically with college students. Probably about 75% of my … Continue reading Chronic Mental Illness: Accepting What Is and Committing to What Can Be