Redefining Vulnerability

Vulnerability. It's a word that is often met with fear, uncertainty, and distance. Once someone mentions the word, or someone feels it, they start to distance themselves. Why? Because when someone feels vulnerable, they feel weak, unsure, hesitant, fearful, and doubtful. In short--they feel like a glass house with gigantic cannons blasting cannonballs at them, … Continue reading Redefining Vulnerability

It’s Been Five Years Since My Last Abusive Relationship…and Shame Is Still A Thing

Disclosure: this article is written from the perspective of a female victim. I am not insinuating that men are not abused. Disclosure: this is written from my personal reflections, this is not based on research. Here I am. Your friendly neighborhood mental health counselor. Writing another personal blog. Yes...I am stalling. Okay. Now that I've … Continue reading It’s Been Five Years Since My Last Abusive Relationship…and Shame Is Still A Thing

Mental Illness Stigma

Mental health/Mental illness continuum Mental illness stigma. It's something we hear quite often. It's shared on social media. It's the topic of monthly mental health themes. It's frequently blogged about, discussed, and shared. Most of us have seen that green ribbon representing mental health. So, why is stigma still a thing? That's a good question. … Continue reading Mental Illness Stigma

Regression…and Resurrection

2018. It's been a year for the books. I achieved some huge goals. But...I also regressed in progress. It's funny. Being a counselor, you're all the sudden viewed as having your life together. Being perfect. Knowing the right answers for everything. Smarter than the rest. Granted, we do have more knowledge in certain areas than … Continue reading Regression…and Resurrection