Happy vs Content…Why Routine May Be Hard For You

Funk. Blah. Sad. Depressed. Zombie. Going though the motions. These are all ways I have heard my clients describe this feeling. This place where they feel stuck. They often report desiring to move someplace new, travel, or otherwise get away. They desire freedom, new places, new people, and new situations. Existential questions of "who am … Continue reading Happy vs Content…Why Routine May Be Hard For You

Mental Illness Stigma

Mental health/Mental illness continuum Mental illness stigma. It's something we hear quite often. It's shared on social media. It's the topic of monthly mental health themes. It's frequently blogged about, discussed, and shared. Most of us have seen that green ribbon representing mental health. So, why is stigma still a thing? That's a good question. … Continue reading Mental Illness Stigma